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Hong Kong Airport
Hong Kong Airport

Hong Kong Airport: The Quality Facilities at Chek Lap Kok Airport

Hong Kong Airport

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The main airport in Hong Kong is the Hong Kong international airport. It is colloquially known as the Chek Lap Kok Airport. It has been operational commercially since 1998, after replacing the former airport which was the Kai Tak Airport.

The Hong Kong Airport is very significant as it is an important passenger hub and regional trans-shipment center. It also serves as a gateway for 44 destinations in Mainland China and the rest of the Asia. It is also accredited for being the world’s busiest cargo gateway and passenger airport. View more details of Hong Kong Airport at cleartrip.

Operational airlines

When opened in 1998 the Hong Kong airport was the owner of one of the world’s largest passenger terminal buildings. It is operated by the Airport Authority of Hong Kong and is one of the busiest airports in Asia. This airport is the primary hub for many major air carriers which include Dragon Air, Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Airlines, Air Hong Kong and Hong Kong Express Airways.

It also serves as one of the hubs of Oneworld alliance and UPS Airlines. The Hong Kong international airport also stands as the focus city for many air carriers that include, China Eastern Airlines, Air India, Singapore Airlines, China Airlines and Ethiopian Airlines.

Economic significance

The Hong Kong international airline contributes significantly to the economy of Hong Kong by generating employment for approximately 65000 employees. This airport handles flights from almost 100 airlines that fly over 180 cities all around the world. As of 2013 data this airport was the 11th busiest airport in the world index.